Steiff Bears for the Uber Rich

LV Steiff bearIf you’re an avid toy collector or simply a devoted teddy bear aficionado then this list will surely grab your attention. We may not all be able to get our hands on these pieces, lucky you if you could, but wouldn’t it be interesting to know what the most expensive bears of all time are? We’re sure that your curiosity is nagging pretty much about now. Without further adieu, behold the Steiff bears for the uber rich!

#1: The Louis Vuitton Bear – $ 2.1 Million

Sold at an auction in Monaco back in the year 2000, the highest bid for any toy in history is a whopping seven digit value. Bought by Jessie Kim of Korea, the toy fully dressed in a classic Louis Vuitton ensemble with a matching mini luggage case is currently housed in the Teddy Bear Museum at Jeju Island in Korea.

#2: Dou-Dou the Louis Vuitton Monogram Bear – $ 182,000

What’s with these Steiff and LV collaborations? We can’t all help but ask as Dou-Dou the Monogram bear makes it in second place. A foot and a half in diameter, this piece was a product released by the Louis Vuitton brand upon its celebration of its 150th anniversary. With only five hundred pieces made, it is named as such because it’s whole body is decked with the famous LV monogram.

#3: Teddy Girl – $ 171,600

A cinnamon furred toy manufactured back in 1904 and was previously owned by Colonel Bob Henderson has fetched a staggering price despite its simplicity due to its lavish, interesting and richly documented history. Colonel Henderson was known to have fought during the World War II, all while having the toy tucked by his side in battle.

#4: The Titanic Bear – $140,000

After the disappearance of the Titanic in April of 1912, Steiff manufactured a black mourning bear as a form of memorial and grief over the tragic incident. Only 600 pieces in 5 varying sizes were made. In a Christie’s South Kensington auction in the year 2000, an owner of an exceptionally good condition Titanic Mourning bear sold it off after stating that she never liked it, left it in a wardrobe all her life thus preserving its form.

#5: Steiff Diamond Eyes Teddy Bear – $ 84,000

The first on our list that features precious metals and crystals is the special toy released by the Steiff brand itself in celebration of its 125th anniversary in the business. It’s most prized feature would have to be the eyes made of crafted diamonds and sapphires. Its snout is made of pure gold and a fur of luxurious golden threads. Truly a limited edition item, only 125 pieces were made.

If given the chance, which among these Steiff bears would you want for yourself? Are you ready? Buy teddy bears online now.

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Queen Elizabeth Teddy Bear: Yay or Nay?

Queen Elizabeth teddy bearWith Queen Elizabeth II becoming the world’s longest living monarch and the longest reigning British ruler overtaking Queen Victoria’s reign of sixty three years, seven months and two days September 9th of 2015, celebrated German based toy manufacturer and company, Steiff, has released a commemorative limited edition Queen Elizabeth Teddy bear.

Now the question begs. Would you want this bear to be part of your collection? Allow us to help you decide by going down the nitty-gritty details and features that this special toy is said to hold.

SIZE – The toy stands or clocks at thirty centimeters in length making it a little short of a foot long. It’s not huge but the size makes it a perfect piece for a regular display shelving unit. It’s not deadbolt heavy either so you can carry it around however this piece is not exactly for play but more for collection purposes.

FUR – Steiff is known for its quality materials and “purity law” in the production of toys. With this special piece, they used the finest Schulte Mohair, one of nature’s finest natural fibers known for its long wavy strands, velvety texture, high luster and sheen. The bear’s fur is in ivory white.

EYES AND SNOUT – The bear’s eyes and snout are sleek and neatly furnished in brown making it look like a truly regal and classic toy.

ACCESSORIES – To portray Her Royal Highness the Queen, the toy is adorned with a deep blue royal coronation robe with spotted plush edging and a majestic crown.

MUSICAL – It is also a musical bear which plays the National Anthem “God Save the Queen”. Embroidery of a musical score sheet with matching ledger lines, a treble clef, time signature and notes can be found on its lower right paw. A golden colored embroidery thread is used for it.

KNOP IM HOR – Just like all rare and limited edition Steiff toys, the Queen Elizabeth Teddy bear comes with a gold plated button in ear or “knopf im ohr”.

LABEL – Likewise, it comes with a white label with a red Steiff logo to signify its rarity and inclusion to the renowned German manufacturer’s limited edition collection.

The Queen Elizabeth Teddy bear will surely be a star to your toy collection. If you feel like this item suits your liking, be sure to grab it within this year because Steiff will only be releasing these pieces for the year as a commemoration of the Queen’s aforementioned milestone. Visit this website here

Steiff Queen Elizabeth II Teddy Bear from Diana Smith on Vimeo.

Shop for Collectible Teddy Bears on a Budget

collectible-teddy-bearsIn terms of toy collection, Steiff teddy bears are one of those that rank high on the list. With their rich history, creative design, uniqueness, durable manufacturing and undeniable charm, it is of no wonder as to why collectors around the world crave for them. But here’s the catch. Not everyone who is into collecting or who wants to start one have all the financial resources in the world to spend freely. It’s a hobby but then again we all have our priorities thus calling the need for a budget. Now, undo that frown because we are here to teach you a thing or two about working with a collector’s budget.

1.    First off, acknowledge your limitations.

You must first know what your limitations are before you can proceed. Once you do this, it will be easier for you to work on certain decisions and choices. It’s okay to admit that your collection is still small and that you cannot easily allot funds to such hobby regularly. By doing so, you understand your spending better and therefore act on it best.

2.    Be aware of the sources of your funds.

How much are you capable of spending? What are your sources? How often do they come? By knowing the answer to these questions, you can better schedule your purchases and you can avoid shopping when you’re not supposed to. This should also help you determine your maximum spending amount.

3.    Know the types of bears that you can afford.

There are a lot of bears available out there. Each of them come from different years, belongs to various models and editions and has varying degrees of quality in terms of condition. The combination of these and other factors determine the ultimate value and therefore price tag of the bear. Know what these are so you can determine your range.

4.    Learn about care and maintenance costs.

Apart from the upfront costs, learn about the Steiff bear’s care and maintenance needs and the costs that come with it. Keep in mind that some items need special storage and handling while some need less. There too are those that cannot be washed at home and need to be brought to a toy shop for regular cleaning.

5.    Look for shops and sellers that offer affordable prices.

Last on our list, be sure that you look for trustworthy sellers and shops that offer affordable Steiff collectible teddy bears. They may not be easy to find at the onset so you will need to research and canvass to locate them.

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Common Mistakes in Toy Storage

steiff-bearToy storage is a very important topic regardless if you collect toys as a hobby or profession or if you have them just for fun and personal reasons. It’s not simply for aesthetic and organization reasons but more so for sanitation purposes. The team from has gladly dished out some of their tricks to keeping toys organized, bug free and clean. After all, you have to render some tender loving care if you want these babies to last long. That being said, here is a list of storage mistakes to avoid at all costs.

  • Failure to provide ample storage

What most people don’t realize is that they must provide some space to make their storage units possible. It doesn’t really have to be fancy but if you want to then go ahead. It makes things all the more enjoyable and pretty. There are many options available at your disposal so there’s no reason to procrastinate and laze around about it.

  • Putting much into open shelving

Open shelving is fine but not on all occasions. If you happen to live in an area that tends to accumulate more dusts, have pets in the house, have children and do not have enough time or want to clean regularly, open shelves are not for you. If you want to store and display your toys at the same time, cabinets with glass doors will do the trick.

  • Unsealed cardboard boxes on the attic

There are times when you just have to store away some of your precious toys. When doing so, see to it that you leave them sealed. Should cardboard boxes be used, pick the thick and durable variety so the items are not invaded by bugs, rodents and dust over time.

  • Slumped into plastic bags

This one is a mistake that is specifically applied to stuffed animals. Placing them inside plastic bags tend to create and give room for moisture and condensation. It may not happen immediately but it will overtime. When that occurs, molds can damage the hair of these toys and rot them out. Plus, this creates foul odor and invites insects. Yikes!

  • Wet and high moisture areas

Put your storage cabinets, shelves or containers in an area that is not prone to moisture, wetness and direct heat. All these factors not only dulls colors but they can easily brittle your beloved pieces and make them beyond irreparable.